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Professional Massage

Close your eyes, relax, and release your stress

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Professional massage therapy reduces stress hormones like cortisol and can help lower stress and encourage relaxation

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REDCON1 Massage Therapy

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You deserve the luxury of a professional massage, monthly​

You deserve the luxury of a professional massage, monthly

Redcon1 Recovery Back Massage 2

Professional Massage

Buy 1 Massage, Get 1 Free

Sports massage
Deep tissue
Trigger point
Myofascial release
Active release technique
Redcon1 Recovery Massage 2

Decrease anxiety

Massage therapy helps the body relax, allowing one to let go of anxious thoughts. Massage also helps manage fight-or-flight response, commonly active in those with anxiety


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Overcame painJamie B
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Dr. Otero is amazing! I highly recommend him. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and a good listener. I appreciate that he doesn’t just try to fix the symptoms, rather he seeks to find the root cause(s) leading to the symptom(s).
Overcame knee painLisa H
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Dr. Otero is great. I decided to use him because he had some unique techniques I wasn’t getting in my other therapy location. Have a total knee replacement and I can definitely see an improvement since working with Dr. Otero. Definitely recommend.
Overcame sciatica painSharon B
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I was having excruciating pain due to sciatic nerve pain and numbness on my left side for months. Daily routine has become quite challenging and frustrating. All thanks to Kyle for getting me better.
Overcame sciatica painBrandon Z
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Dr. Otero completely changed my perspective of PTs and their capabilities. I have used him for help with my back, hip, calf, shoulder, and hamstring with great results each time.
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